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CG Animation & Visual Effects


Character Animation



I've animated for Disney, Hasbro, THQ, Super 78, and Total Immersion, among others. This retrospective demo reel showcases some of the many professional and personal projects for which I've led the animation effort. All animation seen here is mine and demonstrates keyframe animation in its purest form; I did not include group projects, mocap or final film footage.

Lighting & Compositing

Lighting & Compositing



Here's a visual breakdown of my working method for CG Lighting and Compositing. The work was done at Yu+Co for Marvel and Turk Telecom. I also did technical animation and character rigging for this project.


Rigging & Technical Animation



This reel showcases some of the character setup and prop rigging I've done through the years. Though the focus here is on characters, I've also done scene setup, simulation and dynamics, cloth and hair grooming.


Modeling, Sculpting, Texturing, & 3D Concepting



I've been 3D designing and modeling for over twenty years, starting with extremely low poly count game art that honed my efficiency in creating animation-ready designs. Now with digital sculpting and today's retopology tools, my focus is on cinematic character and environmental design.


Above and below you'll find some examples - all work is mine from concept to execution. 

Modeling & Texturing
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