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Game UX and Art Direction

I led the UI and Art Direction efforts for Magic: Duels 2014, Magic: Duels 2015 and Magic: Duels Origins.

Duels of the Planeswalkers Art Direction

Magic 2015 Gameplay Trailer. Double click me.

Directed by Erik Van Horn, produced by Justin Bergeron, production by Eyestorm. This video won Editor's Choice on I art directed the in-game UI, working with Stainless and WOTC designers. I also directed the in-game cinematics and the marketing trailers.

Magic 2015 Teaser. Double click me.

I wrote and directed this early teaser for the game. We wanted to hint Garruk was back without too many spoilers. Plastic Wax did the animation work on this and all of the in-game videos, which were co-written and directed by me.

Magic 2015 Story Trailer. Double click me.

This was the second trailer for the game. It set up the story of a corrupted Garruk having become a "hunter of Planeswalkers." The protagonist of this piece became the star of the prequel expansion campaign.

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